Brazilian Pecan

Common names- Brazilian Pecan / Macchiato Pecan / Brazilian Hickory

Scientific name- Guajuvira

Origin – South American Countries. Brazilian Pecan trees are native to Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay.

Janka – 1820 psi


Brazilian Pecan resembles North American Hickory. However, Pecan is a bit darker. The sapwood is light blonde to light brown toned while the heart wood has dark brown toned colors resulting in a color contrasting floor.

Pecan Trees are in the same family as Hickory Trees.

If you love character grade hickory, you are going to love Brazilian Pecan. Like most exotics, it has a high Janka rating making it very durable and dense.

It has rustic characteristics making it a great choice for cabins and country homes. But it can also be installed as a focal point in a modern contemporary setting. Brazilian Pecan is versatile when designing with it.


The coloring of Pecan is vast and very variated. There are contrasting colors of dark and light pieces and sometimes these colors fall on the same board. You will find pieces that are blonde, brown and red toned. The pattern of Pecan is very busy. The graining is quite linear with minimal waves and swirls.

What to consider

During the installation process, installers should be very calculated when installing this floor. It is very easy to lay an area of light colored and an area of dark colored pieces resulting in a blotchy floor. It is best to incorporate the light and dark pieces to give this floor a beautiful pattern.

This is a very busy floor. Many designers pair this floor with a neutral paint color to accentuate the floor and keep the floor the main focal point. It is best to keep furniture to a minimum as this flooring can cause a bit of sensory overload. This flooring is sure to grasp the attention of everyone that has the privilege to walk on it.

There are a few species of hardwood that are only used for certain builds. However, Brazilian Pecan can be used in many different applications. Brazilian Pecan makes a beautiful floor, accent wall, bar/hostess podium, furniture, tabletop and the uses are limitless.

If solid hardwood flooring isn’t suitable for a specific area of your home, like the basement you may be finishing, or if your ground floor has a concrete slab, consider a custom-milled Brazilian Pecan engineered hardwood floor.  These custom floors are milled-to-order and can even be sanded and refinished just as many times as a solid ¾ inch hardwood floor. They also utilize less actual lumber, making it a more eco-friendly choice of flooring.

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